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Cheap Logo Design

Mar 08, 2011

Businesspeople are increasingly working under budget constraints, but that is no reason to neglect the essentials of a successful enterprise. In difficult times, the measures that matter above all others are those that inspire confidence in customers, clients and consumers. That’s why having a brand in which the public believes should remain your top priority. Fortunately, this goal remains attainable despite what may be difficult circumstances, thanks to cheap logo design.

Cheap logo design puts within your reach the greatest tool for enticing new business and ensuring repeat customers. Consumers have been proven likely to choose the brand with which they are familiar and comfortable, even when selecting another brand would provide them with more tangible benefits. Trust is more important than ever when times are hard, and a team of experienced designers and account managers can place your business among the trusted few.

The best company to choose for cheap logo design is one that places your satisfaction first. Look for such amenities as quick turnaround, full-time designers with at least five years of experience each, dedicated account managers, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 100% money-back guarantee, unlimited revisions, and final logo delivery in all vectors and standard file types. A logo design company that emphasizes customer service as well as design expertise is sure to bring the results you are looking for; in fact, it’s guaranteed to do so.

For this service and assurance, and to learn more about the possibilities opened up by great logo design, visit MyCorporateLogo.com and prepare for a new era of success for you and your business.


Logo Design

Mar 08, 2011

Everyone knows about a few of the key elements of a successful business. Depending on the enterprise, these often include a business plan, a partner, a location, and employees. One element that may be even more important than some of these is that of logo design. Those businesspeople who make the mistake of neglecting this aspect of their business may be in for a rude awakening, as all of their well-laid plans collapse without the support of eager customers. The secret is great logo design, which has the power to lend your company a personality with which customers will rush to associate themselves.

Even when a competitor’s product comes with a better price or more features, consumers will choose the brand they recognize. Trust and confidence matter, and logo design can put you and your business on the right side of that crucial psychological dynamic.

An exceptionally effective logo is the best way to create a personality that will resonate with customers and translate to new and repeat business. Fortunately, this advantage is one that you can leverage to give your business the edge over the competition.

To harness the power of logo design, choose a company that knows how to deliver the best product – one whose benefits your business will enjoy for years to come. The best logo design companies guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver on that promise through such features as experienced, full-time designers; dedicated account managers; quick turnaround; unlimited revisions; and delivery of the final product in a plethora of different formats, to ensure versatility.

Are you serious about bringing your business to the next level? Visit MyCorporateLogo.com today to enjoy these features and to take advantage of all that logo design has to offer.


Logo Design Packages

Mar 08, 2011

A logo is the single best way to establish customer confidence, which both widens your customer base and ensures its loyalty. Turning more members of the public into buyers, and turning buyers into repeat buyers, is both the foundation of successful business and the area in which logo design excels.

You may be aware of all of this but still run a business that does not have a logo. Why? The main reason that people ignore what a great logo can do for them is cost. You may assume that only major brands and companies have logos, and that logo design is priced out of your reach. Fortunately, that is not the case! Logo design packages are created specifically to help businesspeople everywhere access the power inherent in an excellent logo.

Logo design packages provide a range of prices and services, from the basic to the luxurious. Regardless of where on the spectrum your needs and your budget may fall, you are sure to find a package that is right for you.

My Corporate Logo, which offers logo design packages in bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, includes with each package a foundation of outstanding service. Each selection comes with a dedicated account manager, notably experienced and full-time designers, unlimited design revisions to make sure that you hit upon the perfect design, and many more amenities as well.

The variables from one package to another come in the number of designers assigned to serve your interests, the number of different logo concepts included, and the platinum-only feature known as the Complete Corporate Identity Package.

In a range of affordable prices, one of these logo design packages is sure to be perfect for your business and your purposes. To choose the ideal package, visit MyCorporateLogo.com today.


Affordable Logo Design

Feb 10, 2011


Nothing can give your business an edge quite like a great logo. Unfortunately, many logo designers charge an arm and a leg. This can act as a deterrent to savvy, cost-conscious businesspeople — which is unfortunate, as they stand to gain a great deal from an eye-catching design.

This is where affordable logo design comes in. Cost does not have to be a barrier to presenting a professional image to the public, and there are some great designers who understand that.

Whether you’re looking for a logo to brand business cards, banners, websites, or billboards, affordable logo design is available to help you put your business’s best face forward. The best logos are suitable to a wide range of sizes and formats, and they lend an inviting personality to your goods and services. A logo that encourages a positive personal reaction, including a sense of familiarity and trust, can help your businesses succeed against tough competition from other businesses and against an inhospitable economy.

When you’re shopping around for an affordable logo design, keep in mind a few traits that will characterize the best design company. The design company you choose should guarantee your satisfaction, no questions asked, and offer unlimited revisions for your logo design. This means you are 100% guaranteed to enjoy a smooth design process that will result in the best possible logo for your business. Experienced designers, quick turnaround, and dedicated account managers are other marks of a professional, high-quality logo design company. Look for these traits when in the market for an affordable logo, and soon you’ll see your business thrive.


The Importance of Logo Designs

Feb 10, 2011


You may have a business plan, a partner, a location, and even employees, but are you neglecting one of the most crucial elements of a successful business? Some businesspeople make the mistake of ignoring the importance of logo designs, and they go on to regret it. As the public face of your business, a logo has the power to bring personality to your enterprise.

Customers overwhelmingly respond to the personality and feeling of familiarity and trust that an effective logo can foster. In fact, even when it is against their best interest – for example, when the competitor boasts a better price or more features – consumers will opt for the brand they recognize. Nothing is a more important factor in creating a likable brand than a great logo.

Major brands and companies have long understood the importance of logo designs. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the power of logos to bring your own business to the next level.

The first step is to get serious about presenting your business’s best face to the public. In service of that goal, you can employ a logo design company that knows how to deliver results. A 100%, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee is a great sign that the company you’re doing business with will produce the effective logo you need. Also look for amenities like a dedicated account manager, experienced designers, quick turnaround, unlimited logo design revisions, and final delivery in multiple formats.

Taking all of these factors into consideration will ensure a great result. Once you make logo design work for you, you’ll see your business’s success soar.


Logo Design Trend: Conceptual

Dec 20, 2010

As a graphic designer, it is crucial to find the right balance between cutting edge and familiar. You want to present your client with something contemporary and unique, without looking too space-age – you still want them to understand what the heck you’re designing! Especially with the little space a logo affords, you need to convey the right message and explain just what you’re all about. That’s asking a lot for a little picture! Graphic design geniuses have been able to beautifully master this art using a number of techniques. Some of our favorite logo designs have employed conceptual tactics to create clever symbols out of ordinary objects to effectively reflect the company’s personality.  Take a look at the FedEx logo, for instance. Plain block text are played up by an almost inconspicuous arrow:

FedEx, Company Logo Design, Corporate Logo Design, Design Packages, Affordable Logo Design

Conceptual designs are a personal favorite because they take advantage of negative space to evoke just the right reaction, after all, a conceptual logo is just a picture unless you can actually understand the message. Taking advantage of a “less is more” mentality, these logo designs are minimalistic but far from boring. Take for instance the Yoga Australia logo:

Yoga Australia, Small Business Logo Design, Professional Logo Design, Custom Corporate Logo, Custom Logo Design

This logo represents exactly what the company represents. A woman doing a yoga pose. Simple enough, right? Look closely. Her pose is manipulated immaculately to reveal a silhouette of the country (and continent?) of Australia. We are fans of working outside of the box to create something truly unique. Effectively using tricks and design finesse is critical in making the overall concept work. A snazzy, out-of-the-ordinary logo design can surely set you apart from the rest, at least aesthetically. Most importantly, a creative logo can help facilitate brand recognition. What do Pepsi, Nike, and McDonald’s all have in common? They are recognized internationally through the use of a single symbol. Now there’s something to think about.

Nike, Small Business Logo Design, Company Logo Design, Corporate Logo Design

Happy designing!


Logo Design Branding For Your Business

Dec 18, 2010

When you think about the elements of a successful business, you may think 1) an incredible business plan, 2) great management, and 3) tons of capital. True, the list illustrates very crucial aspects, but it is incomplete. One overlooked concept is the idea of effective branding; you can’t run a business if nobody knows who you are! To stand out, you need to be refreshingly different from the umpteen number of companies who are trying to steal their business away from you. In order to stand out in the crowd, your company needs an identity to highlight what you can offer than others can’t.

The fundamental purpose of business logo branding is to reflect the core values, goals, and to create a corporate image that the consumer will remember. Branding for your business is more important now than it ever was before. Today’s consumers have access to a plethora of information; the world is literally at your fingertips. Companies looking to expand are forced to consider methods of captivating the audience’s attention. Scott Bedbury published “A Brand New World” defining what a brand is and the tremendous effect it has on the public. Bedbury asserts that brands “are sponges for content, for images, for fleeting feelings. They become psychological concepts held in the minds of the public, where they may stay forever. As such you can't entirely control a brand. At best; you only guide and influence it.”

Business logos are one of the first elements a consumer comes across. The Starbucks icon, Microsoft’s window, and Apple’s… apple are testaments to the power of branding. Big companies are being defined by a single picture. What that picture represents is determined by what you make of it. When looking for a business logo, consider concepts that evoke trust, reliability, and individuality. When choosing a logo design company, make sure the final product reflects what your company is all about.


Our Logo Design Packages

Dec 10, 2010

If you’re a small business, chances are, you don’t have a ton of money to spend on things outside of the business scope. In fact, you may not have a ton of money to use towards the necessities. Not a problem! At MyCorporateLogo.com, we guarantee professional logo concepts at affordable prices. As the face of the company, the logo is critical in creating brand recognition and representing what your business stands for. MyCorporateLogo.com offers affordable logo design packages so you can have a beautiful logo without skimping on quality.

Our logo design packages are affordable and uphold a standard of quality. Each one of our professional logo design packages include multiple design concepts and can be delivered to your inbox in as little as 48 hours. Browse our Prices and Packages page to find the plan that is right for you. Sit back and let our design team build concepts for your small business.  With unlimited revisions and our 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Don’t let our low prices deter you; we match the creativity, professionalism, and promptness of our pricier competitors.

Not convinced yet? Look through our gallery to see the businesses we’ve worked with and the quality we incorporate into every logo. We strive to deliver a great experience with our services and a great logo you can incorporate with your business, or your money back. Choose from our logo design packages and let us help you communicate your brand message or corporate identity. Contact MyCorporateLogo.com and our dedicated team will work with you to help make your concept a reality.


Custom Logo Design

Dec 09, 2010
Although it may not seem like it, a custom logo design is a fundamental element of any budding business. A well-designed logo is an emblem of the company and embodies the character, core values, and evokes a feeling of trust. As a visual representation of your company, you want your logo to be versatile. It needs to establish brand recognition while evoking familiarity. All too often, the concept of developing a solid small business logo is undervalued. This is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. An unappealing or generic logo can compromise business identity or trust a user has of the company.
Below, we have highlighted key aspects to consider when creating an effective business logo:
Recognition – it must be unique enough to stand out, yet familiar enough to leave a lasting impression
Aesthetics – it must be visually pleasing. Your logo works as a visual representation of your company. Make sure it appealing to the masses.
Versatility – make sure your logo is adaptable to use across multiple media platforms (i.e. web, print, television)
Size – a too small logo dilutes the company’s image. In contrast, a logo that is too big is overwhelming.
When brainstorming a custom logo design or enlisting the help of professionals, consider the impact a well-designed logo has on user sentiment. Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft; these distinguished companies are easily recognized upon the first glimpse and invoke feelings of trust, quality, and success. Businesses allocate a large portion of their budgets to market their brand, but their efforts are futile without an identifiable image.
The art of creating an effective custom logo design may be a bit daunting if you are not familiar with logo development or you’re not exactly sure what type of design you want. If you find yourself stumped on how to create the finishing touch to your design, or if you just don’t know where to start, consider hiring professional designers to help you convey the proper message. Given the importance of a creative logo and the impact it can have on brand recognition, business owners need to consider employing the best methods in getting their message across.

Using Negative Space in Logos

Aug 25, 2010

Negative space, also known as the white space, is the space around and between the colored graphics of a design. Logos that effectively utilize the negative space are always interesting to look at. It is used in logo designs to form innovative shapes or letters that are relevant to the businesses. It often becomes the strongest point of connection between the brand and its logo. The negative space usually goes unnoticed unless the designer uses it artistically. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the designer to maintain the right balance between the positive and negative space in a logo design. The optical illusion that is created by mixing the two spaces helps in highlighting the areas that reflect the objectives of the business. Below is a collection of logos that have used the negative space brilliantly.


Adobe Systems Incorporated in as American computer Software Company founded in December 1982, by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. It is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. The company focuses on multimedia and software products, along with rich internet application software development. The name ‘Abode’ is adopted from the ‘Abode Creek’ in Los Altos, California, which ran behind the house of one of the founders of the company. With the launch of its flagship product Photoshop in 1989, Adobe developed a leading edge over its competitors. Adobe’s first logo was designed by graphic designer, Marva Warnock, the wife of John Warnock. The current logo has evolved out of the original and retains the basic shape of ‘A’. This ‘A’ has been created out of the negative space between various red angular shapes. adobe-logo


Toblerone is a chocolate bar made by Kraft Foods and is well-known for its distinctive packaging and its prism shape. Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann in Bern, Switzerland, in 1908. The company is not only famous for its chocolates but also for its logo that makes intelligent use of the negative space. The logo is in the shape of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. What is amazing in the logo is its use of the whitespace to create a bear silhouette. The bear is the local mascot of Bern and highlights the origin of the company. Toblerone-logo


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American television network and former radio broadcasting network. It is also known as the ‘Peacock Network’ because of its stylized peacock logo that was designed for color broadcasts. Radio Corporation of America in 1926 formed the NBC, which was the first major broadcast network in the United States. The original NBC logo was designed by John J. Graham in 1956. This eleven feathered peacock logo was adopted due to the increase in the company’s color programming. The current NBC logo was introduced during the company’s 60th Anniversary celebration. It was created by Chermayeff and Geismar. The peacock’s head was flipped to the right to suggest that it is looking forward and its feathers were reduced to six from eleven. The six feathers reflected NBC’s six major divisions at that time ― News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Network and Productions. nbc-logo


FedEx Express is a cargo airline based in the United States. It is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, and it delivers packages and freight to more than 375 destinations in nearly every country, each day. The FedEx logo was designed by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates in 1994. Behind the logo’s apparent simplicity, there is a hidden arrow. This hidden arrow, pointing towards the right, is in the negative space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’. It stands for the speed and accuracy of the company’s delivery services. fedex-logo


The WWF is an international organization working on issues related to conservation, research and protection of environment. It is the world’s largest independent conservation organization that has over 5 million supporters and operates in more than 90 countries. It supports around 1300 environmental projects around the world. WWF logo uses the black and white spaces to represent the Giant Panda, which is the organization’s mascot. The logo was designed in 1961, by WWF’s founder Sir Peter Scott and has undergone little change since then. 263px-WWF_logo_svg

Hartford Whalers

The Hartford Whalers were a North American professional ice hockey team, based in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. They played in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1979 to 1997. In 1997, the Whalers franchise was relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina and it became the Carolina Hurricanes. The original Hartford Whalers logo was designed by Peter Good, who was a Connecticut based designer. The logo has a green ‘W’, with a blue whale’s tail to form the letter ‘H’ in the negative space. The letters ‘H’ and ‘W’ stand for the team’s name and the whale’s tail is also in tune with the name ‘Whalers’. Hartford-Whalers-logo

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