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Fonts Fortify Your Brand’s Foundation: Find Out How

Find the best font for your logo

What do you feel when you see the classic, minimal Apple logo? Does the bright, fun colors of Fanta remind you of summer vacations? Does the timeless design of HBO remind of movies of long back? Fonts are as much …

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The 8 Commandments For Picking The Best Image For Your Website


People love it when what they read and hear gets substantiated by a visual feed. If you create brilliant content but fail to substantiate it with good images, chances are you’ll never be recognized. However, you cannot put any image …

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What To Consider When Choosing A Logo Design Service For Your Company

featured image| My Corporate Logo Blog

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Beauty is only skin deep. Looks are deceptive. We’ve all heard these idioms a gazillion times before. However, if people really imbibed these values, then publishing houses wouldn’t be splurging on cover designs …

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Do It The Google Way – Logo Redesigning Tricks At Your Fingertips

Google Logo Redesign| MyCorporateLogo Blog

Coca-Cola, Nike, Intel, Apple, Google – what is the first thing that your mind conjures up when you read these words? Definitely their logos. Your company’s logo is like your name. People identify you with it. Therefore it is crucial …

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  • International Payment Services Ltd

    "I contacted mycorporate logo using internet search engine. It was among the top 20 on the list, but I choose them because the examples of logos, showed in the website, most reflected the concept of the companies. I submitted the request on new year and the following day I received their reply. I didn’t have in mind any idea so I asked them to provide some examples. Within 3 business days I received 4 samples of which two were the logos that reflect the most the concept of IPS. What I appreciated was the quick response and how fast mycorporatelogo understood the concept, so I did not have to spend too much time..." Delia Pedersoli, IPS
    International Payment Services Ltd

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