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We are excited to have helped create the Identity of these Brands over the last 15 years!

Education Logo Portfolio

Every educational institute is identified by a unique set of characteristics specific to the organization, and this is equally reflected in their logo design. A good educational logo design will help give shape and character to your institute. My Corporate Logo has worked with many educational institutes to provide just that. As some educational institutes are a ‘not for profit organization’, we understand the importance of a cost effective package, hence we have crafted affordable logo design packages to address your requirement.

  • AwareTranslations,Education Logo Design
  • Boundary Country Middle School,Education Logo Design
  • Off Broadway Bowling Academy,Education Logo Design
  • Patriots,Education Logo Design
  • ALTF,Education Logo Design
  • Police Career And Promotion,Education Logo Design
  • COGBURN WOODS,Education Logo Design
  • Platinum Performance Coaching,Fitness Logo Design
  • MASS LITERACY NETWORK,Education Logo Design
  • AHM ACADEMY,Education Logo Design
  • BOOK HONCHO,Education Logo Design


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