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We are excited to have helped create the Identity of these Brands over the last 15 years!

Teleservices & Mobile Application Logo Portfolio

The logo defines a company especially when the company concerns Teleservices, Communications and Mobile Applications. A brand integrity and reliability is shaped by its logo. My Corporate Logo understands how a good mobile app icon gains the trust of the customers in choosing the service. At My Corporate Logo we strive to give customers their value for money with our affordable and efficient logo designs.

  • Oregon Phone Systems,Teleservices Logo Design
  • PROPHONOS,Teleservices Logo Design
  • 8 VOICE,Teleservices Logo Design
  • On The Go Development,Teleservices Logo Design
  • TeleStrategy CONSULTING,Teleservices Logo Design
  • Mobility Telecom Group,Teleservices Logo Design
  • Sponsorus,Teleservices Logo Design
  • Kryptic Mobile,Teleservices Logo Design
  • PathLink GPS,Teleservices Logo Design
  • My Stylepad,Teleservices Logo Design
  • Tuntush Apps,Teleservices Logo Design


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