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Know the Types of Logos before you choose one for your business!

It’s difficult to decide what is the perfect logo for your company. Your Logo’s Design is one of the most essential parts of your branding and you definitely want to do it right. Here are a few types of logos you should consider …

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The 404 page and why it matters!

What are 404 pages? One of the most common examples of errors on a website is the 404 page. This also may be called a “page not found” or a “link is broken” page wherein there may be network issue, …

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5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Up your Marketing Game!

If you have a WordPress website (literally everyone gives this a shot once) or are planning to build one, you definitely need plugins on it. Plugins are pre-coded packages that you can include on your website for specific functionalities. They’re also …

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A Guide to help you choose the Best Designer!

In the design industry, a portfolio seems to be the most under-rated yet inevitable part of a business. It is basically a space where the designers can compile and display their abilities in a structured way, for people to look at, …

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Mobile Web Designing: Are You Doing it Right?

Famous designer George Nelson had rightly said, “Design is a response to social change”. And a change that has taken the world by storm is the exponential rise in the use of mobile devices. Are we design ready to respond to …

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Power of Nothingness : White Space in Design

Negative space or white space in designs need not be “negative” or “white”. Instead of being negative this space has great value in designing. And this space can be of any color. It just means that white space does not …

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Design Tips for Great e-Commerce Websites

E-commerce Design

There is no doubt that people like or dislike a brand based on their experiences of the brand as users, be it online or offline. They will always go back to the brand that has provided them with good user …

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10 Corporate Giants: Logos and Taglines

They are the mighty ones. The giants with money and means. They spend millions and billions on advertisements. So it sure makes sense to take a look at what they are up to when it comes to their logos and …

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Don’t Let Unethical Designs Kill Your Brand

Ethical Logo Design

Ethics is important everywhere, including logo designing and design in general. Logos are your unique corporate identity, by which you will be recognized all over the world. So you need to take utmost care to ensure that your logo or …

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7 Popular Graphic Design Terms for Non-Designers

Graphic Design

You’ve outsourced your logo design to a professional, but cannot understand a word of what he’s saying? Or, maybe you’re simply stuck in the middle of an endless bickering session between your graphic designer friends. Perhaps you’re just eager to …

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