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Reasons Why Your Logo Might Not Be Working

Logo Design Company

Research shows that a logo expressing a ‘brand’s symbolic, functional or sensory benefits’, impacts its revenues and profits positively. However, do you think your logo might not be working? Is it not delivering as you had expected? In that case, …

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10 Places to Use Your Logo for Effective Branding

Custom Logo Design

Hey, congrats on your brand new logo! It shows that like astute entrepreneurs you too wish to take your ‘brand’ to new heights. It also shows that your business has outgrown the ‘reference’ and ‘word-of-mouth’ phase and is poised to …

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8 Tips to Design Amazing Business Cards

Business Card Design Tips

The old fashioned business cards are still ‘in’. Yes, even in this digital age. They still represent your business and are often the first ones to do so before digital reps like websites and emails take over. They have a …

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7 Important Logo Redesigns of 2016

Logo Design Trends

The best way to stay fresh is to never get stale. And the best way to never get stale for brands is to re-design their logos. Many renowned brands have redesigned their logos in 2016, many of them after a …

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6 Biggest Logo Design Trends of 2017

‘Less is more.’ This is the mantra that one has to follow while designing logos in 2017. There has not been much change in logo designing trends this year. However, the logo trends in vogue in the past few years …

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How much does a logo design cost?

Cost of Customized Logo Design

A logo is an important representation of your business and it is definitely worth an investment, but many businesses have a hard time knowing just how much they should be paying. There are many components to the logo design process …

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10 Things Every Company Should Know Before Designing a Logo

Customized Company Logos

A logo is a key part of your company’s brand that can have a profound impact on consumer decision making, according to Psychological Science. How do you design a logo that resonates with your audience and represents your brand in …

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Top 15 startup logos from Shark Tank season 7

Customized Corporate Logos

If you are an entrepreneurial mind, you probably love watching people pitch their business ideas on Shark Tank and then watching them get a yes or a no from the various sharks. In Season 7, there were quite a few …

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Logo Design Contest vs. Custom Logo Design: What should I do?

Logo Design Contests

Are you in need of a logo design and trying to decide which way is best to go about it? If so, you are not alone. There are many new platforms cropping up offering logo design contests which can sound …

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Fonts Fortify Your Brand’s Foundation: Find Out How

Find the best font for your logo

What do you feel when you see the classic, minimal Apple logo? Does the bright, fun colors of Fanta remind you of summer vacations? Does the timeless design of HBO remind of movies of long back? Fonts are as much …

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