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Coca-Cola, Nike, Intel, Apple, Google – what is the first thing that your mind conjures up when you read these words? Definitely their logos. Your company’s logo is like your name. People identify you with it. Therefore it is crucial to have a logo that encapsulates your company’s vision and culture. It sounds simple but it’s not easy. Here are three blunders the afore mentioned brands avoided while designing their logos:

  • Clutter – just because a logo should convey the mission and aim of a company, it should not look like a war front. Keep it concise.
  • Obsolete – Last designed your logo in the 1970s? Chances are that its ancient design and look does not complement your business any more.
  • Redesign – While it’s great that you decided to revise your logo, do not change it completely. The new logo should not lose the message and fervor of the last one.

While these are some of the most frequently made mistakes, Google has yet again stepped up their game by raising the standards with its brand new logo. Let’s probe into the reason behind this sudden change.

Towards the bin or the win? Google’s recently set logo benchmark will tell you.


Source – Wired

Google loves attention and knows how to keep it focused on itself. However, the craving to be in the limelight was not one of the reasons why Google suddenly decided to update its logo. Tamar Yehoshua (Google’s product management VP) and Bobby Nath (Google’s Director of user experience) talks about this update and says-

“You expect Google to help you whenever and wherever you need it, whether it’s on your mobile phone, TV, watch, the dashboard in your car, and yes, even a desktop! Today we’re introducing a new logo and identity family that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.”

Read what Google has to say about their logo redesigning.

google logo evolved- My Corporate Logo blog

Source – Wikipedia

Gone are the days when only desktops connected the world. People today are reaching out to diverse devices and platforms to satiate their needs. Realizing this evolving trend, Google decided to up its game by making very subtle changes in their logo. Although the difference is not glaring, the impact it made is huge. The logo now looks more “simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly” across all types of devices, as Google reps opined.

The utter frustration of continuously swiping left to right on your phone while browsing through a website makes people finally give up on it. Your services, product or content might be great; but no one will care for it if your design and layout is not top notch. Google’s raging success is the result of its eye for details. The company has even replaced the little blue “g” favicon with an uppercase “G”, shaded in the four signature colors of Google.

Learn from Google – tweaks you can introduce in your own logo.

A careful comparison of Google’s previous and the current logo will reveal how miniscule changes can alter the entire look and feel of a logo. The following characteristics of Google’s new logo are the ones that you can use to redesign your business’ logo:

1. Be friends with your fonts:

typeface and font – My Corporate Logo Blog

If you’ve heard about graphology, you probably know that it’s the art of reading a person’s nature and personality through their handwriting. The fonts you select to shape your company’s logo performs a similar task. It plays a crucial factor in determining how its vision and aim will be perceived by clients. Take Walt Disney for instance. Their quirky and creative font does a great job to complement the tone of joy, fun and frolic they want to convey. It’s for children after all. In a bid to look friendlier, Google clipped off the serifs (curves, tails of letters) from its ‘l’ and ‘e’ in order to look a little more neat.

2. Building brand identity:

Alphabet logo | MyCorporateLogoBlog

Source – Wikipedia

It has only been a month since Google came to the fore with its new enterprise called “Alphabet”. The typeface of the new logo is the same as that of Alphabets’. This is a highly strategized step and not just coincidence. Both the logos now appear in sync with each other and this will help build Alphabet’s reputation as a Google undertaking in the market. While it’s great to have your business extended, keep them linked with a common factor that’ll help you to earn a reputation of being an established company. It fosters trust and adds value to an enterprise.

3. Pleasing is not your headache:

criticism is healthy – My Corporate Logo Blog

Source – Canva

Google’s new logo has garnered a lot of reviews- both negative and positive. The New Yorker rants about how the new logo trivializes Google’s reputation, while Wired seems quite happy with it. Remember, you will never be able to satisfy everyone. Plus, negative publicity is publicity nonetheless.

In the midst of other pressing issues, startups often do not strategize to come up with the “perfect” logo. A poorly designed logo will never attract clients. Can you name a successful company with a bad logo? The answer is no. So if you are making the same mistake, it’s time to buck up.

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