Know the Types of Logos before you choose one for your business!

It’s difficult to decide what is the perfect logo for your company. Your Logo’s Design is one of the most essential parts of your branding and you definitely want to do it right. Here are a few types of logos you should consider before making a choice!


A textual logo is, like the name suggests, made using words or letters only. Having a textual logo is great, because it is the most identifiable with your company name. A text based logo makes sense especially if you’re a new business because it highlights the companies’ name making it more recognizable. Plus it follows a great design rule – keep it simple. The following are the types of textual logos:

Wordmark Logos


A Wordmark is a textual logo which uses a full word as a logo, usually the name of the company or brand without using an icon. It’s also a great way to choose a typography for your logo that will form a part of the brand’s identity and you can choose from a great range of options from calligraphy to handwritten with endless fonts! By using the name of the company as a logo, the retention of the company name is a lot higher because of repeated use.



A Lettermark is a textual based logo made using only a few letters, usually the abbreviation or initials of the company name. This helps if a company or organization has a very long name, and is also vastly popular with companies that have established themselves already. Hewlett Packard uses HP, Hennes & Mauritz is H&M, International Business Machines Corporation uses IBM, Home Box Office is HBO and a lot of other brands follow the pattern.


Businesses mostly use an only-icon approach once they have established their brand enough for only a visual logo to suffice. Visual icons are a great way to attract attention, and they also leave place for taglines if you need to describe what the company does. They help a great deal when creating a branding based on a particular color or concept.



Target                                                                    Apple

Companies may use symbols or icons as a brand mark that can be easily replicated across various platforms and makes the brand recognizable just by it. It can be as simple as a tick mark like that of Nike or a fruit like Apple. These symbols become the identifier of the brand, for e.g. you see a rabbit in a bow-tie and instantly know its Playboy.



Mitsubishi                                                                  Chase

These visual logos also use just an icon for the logo, but the symbol used is not an easily recognizable object like a bird or doesn’t necessarily define a known object. The famous Pepsi logo or the NBC logo are good examples of this type.


McDonald’s                                                              Mr. Clean

Another great visual logo type is a mascot or character type. These are usually either cartoons, characters, hand-drawn caricatures of something that defines what your brand is with the use of visual appeal. It’s a great attraction to establish a speaking voice for your brand for your audience and also adds personality. One great example of this is the Quaker oats man Larry!


Loads of brands and companies use both textual and visual combination logos. The symbol or icon usually represents what the company is about and the text is the company name more often than not. These work great because you can have your companies name out there and also use a mascot, emblem, icon, symbol or abstract visual for your logo. In such a case, both the visual and textual elements are given equal importance.

Bonus Tip


Even though there are so many types of logos you can choose from, it can get overwhelming to find what fully serves all your needs. Logo variations come to a great help with this. You can get different versions of your logo so you don’t have to keep redoing it. You can get a horizontal or wide, vertical or tall, abbreviated or small and also a monochrome for whenever you need any! Check out some more logos here.

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