What To Consider When Choosing A Logo Design Service For Your Company

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. Beauty is only skin deep. Looks are deceptive.

We’ve all heard these idioms a gazillion times before. However, if people really imbibed these values, then publishing houses wouldn’t be splurging on cover designs and the Trojan War could have well been a figment of our imagination.

Our minds unconsciously form perceptions based on external factors. That is why entrepreneurs put in a lot of thought and consideration before getting a logo designed for their company. Getting a top notch logo designer is no less difficult than acquiring a funding for your business. There are three types of logo design services for you to choose from. Let’s gloss over them quickly:

By the end of this article you’ll be able to decide which service complements your company best.

Customized logo services

Young entrepreneurs want to cut off unnecessary costs. However, compromising with the logo is not a great idea. Shifting to a customized logo design later, might incur double expenses.

In this service, you have to provide a concise design brief to your designer and he will furnish you with a unique logo that sits perfectly with your company’s aim and vision.

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  • Purely authentic: When you choose a logo designing company like My Corporate Logo, the designers first conduct a thorough research about your company’s history. Before even starting to work on your logo, they take into consideration things like-
  • Your company’s background
  • How you want your logo to communicate with your clients
  • Your company’s mission

Hereafter, your designer will give you up to five variations from which you can choose the one you like best. The amount of thought, time and creativity that is put behind developing a customized logo becomes evident when you are presented with the final design. It becomes your own personal logo.

  • Complete copyright license: Designers always handover full copyright to their clients after the design is approved.
  • Unlimited revisions: Customized logo designers provide unlimited revisions on the number of options they offer. You can ask your designer to introduce necessary changes till it suits your taste.
  • Packages to suit budgets: Customized logo designers also have different schemes for designing logos, so that it appeals to everyone’s budget. Unlike contest based logos, the efficiency and professionalism of the designer does not decrease with money.
  • Availability: The logo that will look good on a brochure, might not look great on your website.  Customized logos are available in formats that can be effectively implemented on various portals. You won’t be charged any extra money to download them in a specific format you want.
  • Unparalleled designers: Only highly proficient and experienced designers are trusted with the responsibility of creating customized logos. This ensures brilliant results.
  • Absolute transparency: The work done by your customizable logo designer will obviously be presented on their website as a portfolio. This is proof of their finesse. You can also go through the testimonials written by previous clients to fortify your belief.
  • Active participation: This is the USP of customized logo services. They always take suggestions from their clients at every step during designing their logos.


  • It’s not free: Each design is first developed on an interactive art device. Then it is scaled to look good on a computer. While the process sounds easy, it is really not. A lot of precision is required and such effort deserves to be rewarded.
  • Not delivered within minutes: Although not available instantly like the free logos, you can have your customized logo within three working days.

GraphicSprings has some quick tips on customized logo designing for you to get a better idea of the concept.

Contest based logo design services

The concept of contest based logo design services is very simple. You simply have to choose a site like Logoarena or ZillionDesigns, upload your design brief and pay up to start getting entries by numerous designers. It’s called a contest because at the end, you only pay the designer whose entry you select.

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  • Cost effective: These website provide you designers based on the amount you’re paying. This ensures that everyone gets a designer irrespective of their budget.
  • Options galore: The number of designers each client is assigned is more than enough. They are sure to shortlist one great logo from so many options.
  • Experience: In rare cases when you do not like any of the designs, you understand what you definitely don’t want to see in your logo. This makes you capable of providing a better brief the next time.


  • Incentive driven: The only way to get great designers to pitch their creations is to offer fat reward money. The less you pay, the less professional designs you receive.
  • Repetitive: Designer often keep pitching the same design for different clients. This could lead to your company lacking an identity
  • Copyright violations: Repeated designs may be similar enough to land you up in serious trouble. You can be sued.

If you’re still not sure about how it works, take a look at how Logosauce has the entire process covered.

Free logo design services

For budding startups, the word “free” definitely feels like music to their ears. But before making hasty decisions, you must know what you are signing up for. While the internet is full of designers who create logos for free, the question of authenticity and uniqueness remain unsettled.

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  • Inexpensive: All you need is a working internet connection and computer. Generally you don’t’ have to pay at all.
  • Instant gratification: Free logo designs can be accessed directly from a web page. In some cases you might need to download a software for the same.
  • Time saving: You can download your logo within 1 hour (max)
  • No ideating required: There are preexisting logo templates and categories. All you need to do is fill in the name of your company and select the category according to the service you provide.
    For example, if you make toys and accessories for dogs, your company will be listed under the category Animals and pets.
  • Innumerable options: With so many logo designs stored in their database, you’ll be spoilt for choice while picking your logo.
  • Make your own choices: You can then customize these logos for color, font and size.


  • Hidden costs: While creating the logo and getting to see how it looks might be a cost free process, you can be charged if you want to download the logo for later use.
  • Inflexible categories: Small businesses often cater to niche categories that are not found in the set- template options.
  • Not one of a kind: Since others might also use the same template as you, the uniqueness of your logo will obviously diminish.
  • Copyright issues: You don’t have complete copyright over your finished logo, since others might be using the same template to create their own. This leads to trademark issues as well.
  • Lack of expertise: While you may be brilliant at what you do, it’s advisable to outsource all your designing work to an expert. Otherwise, it may end up looking amateur.
  • Irrelevant: A logo should be able to withstand the ravages of time. Free logo templates often become unresponsive after a while and may not communicate your business values effectively.
  • Poor quality: Free logos often have to be bought if you want a better resolution. Otherwise you’ll have to make do with the inferior quality.

Here’s something to end your confusion

If you still could not decide which service you are going to opt for, ask yourself these simple questions:

Will the service I choose:

  • create a unique brand identity that’ll create a lasting impression on my clients
  • outlive the test of time
  • help to establish my small company

So whichever option among the three services makes you answer all the above questions with an yes, is the one you should go ahead with. Good luck!

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